Start Your Journey To The Cloud

You have decided that cloud is the solution for your organisation, the next critical step is to understand what the benefits and costs are of your move to the cloud before you start migrating.

Our customers tell us that these are the three key factors that they prioritise
before planning a journey to the cloud


Moving your critical IT resources to the cloud can be daunting. What if it goes wrong?
Blend has completed successful migrations for organisations both here in Cambodia and abroad including Neepa Shipping and CE&P Corporation.

  • Experienced, expert migration consultants
  • Access Blends Migration Planning Services & Tools
  • Support from Microsoft’s FastTrack Team

Return On Investment

Will my investment in the cloud reduce my costs and increase efficiency?
Blend’s expert solutions architects work together with you to identify areas where investing in your digital workplace will give the greatest returns.

  • Where and when to invest in process re-engineering and automation


What is the true cost of a migration and how can I manage it?
Blend has years of experience of migrating customers to SharePoint and the Cloud, we can help you through advising you.

  • True understanding of what resources are required and their costs
  • Licensing expertise to identify the best mix of license and services
  • Access special offers via Blend’s partnership with Microsoft

Migrations can range from simple to the complex, it all depends on what you plan to achieve and where you are starting from.
Assessing the Risks, Controlling Costs and Return on Investment may not be always as simple as it seems.  Blend’s is here to help.



Suitable for organisations that ample time and technical resources. Take advantage of Blend’s experts working alongside your team to migrate your legacy email from your existing domain.

  • Assisted project management
  • Email server-side data migration – email, contacts, calendars and tasks
  • Change management and training for your IT team
  • On demand training for smooth user adoption
  • 50GB migration from one of File Server / Google Drive / DropBox


Premium Plans can be customised to suit your organisations unique needs. Every Premium plan is driven by a Road Map created by Blend’s migration methodology.

  • Envisioning – identify goals & prioritise
  • Planning – infrastructure & architecture review, roadmap
  • Migrate & Build – content & email migration & solution development
  • Adoption & Training – user training & documentation

Every organisation has different needs, goals and priorities,  they also have differing levels of resource and expertise to enable their migration to the cloud. So you can choose what best suits you, Blend offers a range of additional services to help your organisation achieve its goals.

Business Process Management

Automate common processes, increase efficiency, reliability and reduce costs.

Project Management Solution

Create, Manage & Track project performance with intuitive tools. Dashboards and report for monitorin.

Data Migration & Archiving

Migrate critical data and improve accessibility. Archiving of dormant data.

Business Intelligence

Integrated overview of organisations performance data informing better decisions.


Central hub for the Digital Workplace, access all your content and applications in one easy to find location.

Document Management Solutions

Reduce time wasted searching for documents, versioning and security tools reduce risk.

Integration Services

Leverage existing systems through integration with existing applications.

Technical Services

SharePoint Farm creation and configuration, performance tuning, migrations.


Free 30 Days Trial

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Blend Official Launch Offer

To celebrate the Cambodia launch of Office 365, Blend is offering a free set up service for new customers.

Ready for Migration

Learn more about how to achieve a successful migration to Office 365 with Cambodia’s premier Microsoft Partner.