An intranet platform designed to support Collaboration, Document & Knowledge Management, Process Automation and Project Management, SharePoint is the world’s leading platform.

Blend has been developing SharePoint solutions for customers in Hong Kong and Cambodia since 2010. Typically, we develop a range of Portals that bring together features, tools and content in one easy to find location allowing your teams to focus on their tasks.

Intranet & Portals Development:

Improved Company Communication and Collaboration

SharePoint’s portal platform improves your organization’s effectiveness by streamlining access and management of data, team and project sites.

Efficiency and productivity are boosted as users can easily and efficiently

  • Locate documentation,
  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Access workflows
  • Search information across the intranet

Blend custom tailors these portals, by department and role, allowing different levels of access to documents ensuring everyone from interns to CEOs can get the information they need, and only what they need, from employee performance, to customer history, even to the status of ongoing projects and company performance.

Document Management

Reduce Wasted Effort, Improve Quality

Finding accurate information can be an employee’s most time consuming task and once they have found the content, they have to ensure that it’s the correct version. Document libraries and OneDrive for business are out of the box solutions that can be configured for storing content in portals and across your Intranet.

However, bringing the documents and data together is only part of a good document management solution. Blend helps your organization to maximize your investment in SharePoint’s by making your organisation more efficient through:

  • Simplifying searching content
  • Developing intuitive workflows so documentation is correctly stored
  • Versioning and security configuration

Fast and reliable access to content allows businesses to solve problems faster, help customers more effectively and reduce wasted effort generating and finding content.

Workflow & App Development

Improve Business Processes, Increase Efficiency

From initiating a new project or contract through to employee leave management and expenses claims, SharePoint’s workflow and app development platform means you can automate these processes directly within your SharePoint Intranet leading to

  • Processes quality improvement
  • Transparency – easily monitored by management.
  • Reduction in employee resources and effort to complete common
    business processes.

Blend’s strength in Custom Software Development and Business Process Engineering & Automation, combined with our experience of developing and using SharePoint & SharePoint Online means that we can work with your teams to identify where processes can be improved and automated to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Success Stories

SharePoint – Automation & Productivity

Over 300 strong, DFDL, is a tier 1 ranked legal & tax firm headquartered in Phnom Penh with representation in 14 countries.

As DFDL grows they realise the need for better business processes with the goals of improving the efficiency and quality of these processes…

SharePoint – Automation, Identity Management & Collaboration

Headquartered in Hong Kong, PAG is one of Asia’s  largest alternative investment funds with over USD16 Billion under management and offices across the globe

The previous consultancy failed to align with the company’s goals and misunderstood their business processes…

Office365 – Email and Document Management

With offices and affiliates across Europe, Asia and Africa, Nepa Group is both a Ship Operator and Shipping Agency with an operations centre in Hong Kong. As Nepa was growing and bringing in more partners they realised that there email and documentation platform was not fit for purpose and turned to Blend for a solution…