SharePoint – Automation & Productivity

Over 300 Strong, DFDL is a Tier 1 Ranked Legal & Tax firm headquartered in Phnom Penh with representation in 14 countries
throughout the Asia Pacific region.

As DFDL grows they realise the need for increased automation of business processes with the goals of improving the efficiency and quality of these processes as well developing new tools that help Business Development and Legal & Tax Advisors market more effectively, increasing revenue.


Health Check & Identification of Key Goals & Priorities

Blend began the engagement by performing a Health Check and assessment of the Key Goals and Priorities. The initial findings were:

  • The version of SharePoint in production was about to be de-supported by Microsoft exposing DFDL to potential security risks.
  • The Project Opening WorkFlow was designed by a user and analysis of the history showed that the process was often failing and users were working outside the system.
  • As the existing Deal Database had a poor user interface and limited functionality users were turning to “Shadow IT” – using a range of different tools in different locations making it data difficult to discover and thus negatively impacting Business Development and Proposal preparation.

Migration – Risk Reduction

Data Migration & Identity Management


Recognising the urgent business needs, working with DFDL’s IT Team the first steps were to migrate to the current version of SharePoint and implement an Identity Management service.

  • Blend designed and implemented an Identity Management System (IDM), an essential component of any SharePoint implementation – allowing the system to know who the users are and what rights to access information and control processes.
  • Existing data was also migrated during this process.


The result of the migration to the new version of SharePoint was:

  • Reduction in external security threats,
  • Reduction in risk associated with unauthorised users accessing data and applications
  • Minimal disruption during the migration.

Business Process Automation – Increasing Efficiency & Productivity, Reducing Risk

New Contracts & Clients Workflow

Business Need

Once DFDL was successfully migrated and the IDM was in place Blend collaborated with DFDL’s IT, Finance Team and other stakeholders to design a new Project Opening Workflow.

Blend identified that there were three key problems with the existing workflow that led to the process failing:

  • The existing workflow was built some time ago and no longer matched the business process.
  • Users could not access data on existing clients and contracts from within the workflow leading users to create duplicate data for clients and contracts, a real headache for the Finance Team.
  • The workflow did not leverage Identity Management and so requests to complete tasks and authorisations were often sent to the wrong users.


Blend redesigned and implemented a new workflow process that:

  • Matched the business process more closely, including tools to allow editing of a process that was in progress.
  • Integrated the Identity Management system to make sure that requests and tasks were routed to the correct user.
  • Integrated the workflow with Aderant, the company wide Practice Management System holding data on clients and contracts.


Blend provided a user friendly system that supports them in crucial process of bringing in new clients and contracts and

  • Reduced wasted time
  • Reduced financial risk
  • Met compliance requirements

Business Development – Business Intelligence, Driving Growth, Increasing Productivity

Deal Database

Business Need

With a presence in 14 countries, over 300 employees and hundreds of clients; keeping track of all the customers and projects that DFDL works with is a challenge. Blend identified that:

  • Simply collecting data kept in different systems and Excel sheets across the firm was time consuming and error prone.
  • Once collated, analysing data collected in different formats was difficult and, in some cases, impossible.


Blend worked together with the Business Development Team, the IT Team and key advisors at DFDL to create a user friendly database for collecting data on deals. Blend redeveloped the system including:

  • Creating a customised master template, interface and new branding
  • Integrated Identity Management so that users across the different business units and office could access the system and only the data they should be able to
  • Added functionality so additional marketing and business development data could held in the system


Blend delivered a solution that ensured users

  • had access to relevant data
  • had an interface and branding that drove user adoption
  • Saved wasted time preparing proposals