Office365 – Email and Document Management

With offices and affiliates across Europe, Asia and Africa, Nepa Group is both a Ship Operator and Shipping Agency with an operations centre in Hong Kong. As Nepa was growing and bringing in more partners they realised that there email and documentation platform was not fit for purpose and turned to Blend for a solution.


Health Check & Identification of Key Goals & Priorities

With limited in house IT resources and no clear idea of how to advance Blend began by performing a Health Check and then worked closely with the operations team to identify their Key Goals and Priorities. The initial findings were:

  • The existing proprietary email and document management system was not fit for purpose
  • The system was run on site on outdated hardware
  • Manual backup procedures were difficult to followReduction in risk associated with
  • The system was unstable due to the volume of data stored on it
  • The system had no dedicated mobile app and thus was very hard to use
  • The system had very limited IMAP support
  • The software was very dated and lacked many features of modern collaboration platforms

Blend realised that the Nepa Group lacked a modern collaboration platform that could support both its own users around the world as well allow its partners access to email, documentation and communications tools in a controlled manner without the risk of loss of confidential data.

Blend developed a RoadMap for Nepa based on the Office 365 platform:

  • Migrate and Archive Email, Tasks, Contacts, Distribution Lists and Calendars
  • Migrate and Archive Documentation and Meta Data

Migration – Risk Reduction

Data Migration & Identity Management


As the supplier of the existing system was not able to support the migration Blend had the challenge of extracting terabytes of differing types of data – email, contacts, documents and distribution lists and critically, maintaining the relationships between them for compliance and commercial reasons. Due to the lack of IMAP support or support from the vendor Blend was required to analyse the database and identify the relationships between the various Client Server application – stored in database – email and other content stored in the database, no IMAP support meaning that we cannot use standard tools methods for migration. Anlayse the structure of the content in the database. Transform data into a format that can be stored as a .pst file with the correct asocisations lnking documents to emails and accounts.

  • Teamsites
  • Permissions
  • File Server Migration Permissions
  • Configure external users
  • Distrbution lists
  • PostScript Server AWS