SharePoint, Business Process Automation, Document Management, Active Directory, Identity Management, Migration

Headquartered in Hong Kong, PAG is one of Asia’s  largest alternative investment funds with over USD16 Billion under management and offices across the globe.

PAG have initially invested in SharePoint as a collaboration and workflow platform.  However, the previous consultancy failed to align with the company’s goals and misunderstood their business processes.  Blend was invited to take over the support and build a Road Map for the future.


Health Check & Identification of Key Goals & Priorities

Blend began the engagement by performing a Health Check and assessment of the Key Goals and Priorities.  The initial findings were:

  • The version of SharePoint in production was about to be de-supported by Microsoft exposing to potential security risks.
  • The Active Directory environment was incorrectly configured
  • The SharePoint server lacked any Identity Management system.
  • The existing Trading Authorisation System was very hard to use
  • Partially functioning Company Portal due to access issues and poor user interaction design
  • Human Capital wished to migrate from an expensive Oracle HR System which they found unsuitable

Migration – Risk Reduction

Data & Application Migration, Active Directory Consultancy & Identity Management


Recognising the urgent business needs, working with PAG’s IT Team the first steps were to migrate to the current version of SharePoint and implement an Identity Management service and provide Active Directory consultancy.

  • Advised the PAG IT Team on best practice for restructuring their Domain relationships and configuration of Active Directory groups to allow users in different domains and locations to access SharePoint.
  • Blend designed and implemented an Identity Management System (IDM), an essential component of any SharePoint implementation – allowing the system to know who the users are and what rights to access information and control processes.
  • Installed and configured the Production and UAT environments in a remote data centre
  • Migrated existing content and applications to the new version of SharePoint


The result of the Active Directory consultancy and migration to the new version of SharePoint was:

  • Enhanced access to applications and data, not just SharePoint
  • Reduction in external security threats,
  • Reduction in risk associated with unauthorised users accessing data and applications
  • Minimal disruption during the migration.

Staff Directory

Collaboration & Productivity

Business Need

As PAG has grown rapidly and in new locations they saw the need for employees to be able to find their new colleagues to collaborate effectively for both customers and internally.


Blend proposed and implemented a custom staff directory that would:

  • Allow users to update their details
  • Built a custom template to support advanced search and filtering and visualising departmental structures
  • Integrate with the IDM


Implementing the new staff directory meant that:

  • Users could easily search for colleagues by expertise, languages and location throughout the company globally thus improving collaboration
  • Users could update their own details reducing time spent maintaining the system by the IT Team
  • The IT Team could update users joining and leaving the company automatically via Active Directory reducing time wasted on duplicated tasks

Trading Authorisation

Business Process Automation, Productivity & Risk Management

Business Need

PAG lacked a Trading Authorisation system. As PAG are required by law to monitor employees trades, this was identified as a significant risk by PAG.


Blend worked with the Head of Compliance to design a process that would allow him to:

  • Monitor and authorise trading requests
  • Delegate permissions to collleagues in different locations to authorise trade requests
  • Keep accurate records on the trading history of employees of PAG


Moving from an Excel and Email based system meant

  • The Head of Compliance drastically reduced the time required for approving and monitoring requests
  • The Head of Compliance could delegate the task so further reducing the time required
  • Compliance records requests could be completed quicker and with less time required
  • Compliance increased with a defined and automated process

Leave Management

Business Process Automation

Business Need

Leave Management was a challenge, with several hundred employees working in differing jurisdictions with differing contracts and legal requirements PAG’s HR team were devoting significant amount of time to manage leave across the group and had difficulties in reporting.


Blend worked closely with the HR Team to understand the requirements and to develop a new process to meet the goals of improved productivity, compliance and reporting.  Features within the system include:

  • Leave Portal for all users
  • Managers Leave Portal for managing team members leave
  • HR portal for administration
  • Carry over, Cancellation of Leave, Calculation of Leave in Lieu, Maternity and Paternity calculation, Delegation of Approval rights
  • Configuration options for Bank Holidays
  • Configuration Options for to support multiple jurisdictions business rules


The rollout of the new leave management system led to:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced costs by retiring Oracle HR
  • Reduced time for Human Capital to administer
  • Better Reporting
  • Reduced Line Management time devoted to leave management